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Frequently Asked Questions

We're a unique service, so we've compiled answers to frequently asked questions. Reach out via our contact form if you want to learn more. 

As a business with a one-of-a-kind service, we at Studio know you may have some inquiries about us. We've gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions below, but if you still need further details, please don't be shy and use our contact form to get in touch with us. We're more than happy to help!

What kind of media coverage could we expect with Stacker Studio?

The stories we create for you will be picked up by respected local and national news sites across North America. More than 3,300+ publishers have run Stacker stories, and on average, each of our stories gets picked up 150-200 times. The average domain rating (DR) of our publisher network is 63. Also, because of how widespread the syndication is, we often get additional links from publishers outside of our network who decide they want to provide derivative coverage of the story. 

How is Stacker Studio different from digital PR agencies?

Select digital PR agencies are similar to Stacker Studio in that they create pieces of data journalism to earn media coverage.

However, even the best of these agencies rely on manual outreach and pitches to journalists. We don't. Stacker Studio leverages the Stacker Newswire for distribution. Once a story is written, we simply publish it to our newsfeed and network of 3,300+ national and local news sites who actively syndicate our content. We prioritize trust and quality for all content that's produced by the Stacker newsroom. 


How is Stacker Studio different from press release services?

The first major difference is that we don't write press releases; we write newsworthy stories. Secondly, we don't pay for distribution — ever. We create original articles on your behalf that we distribute through our proprietary newswire, which publishers choose to republish freely due to the quality of the storytelling. This is how we’re able to earn dofollow links rather than sponsored/paid links that don’t carry SEO value (because Google knows it was paid for and thus doesn’t attribute the same authority signals to it). We call this earned syndication, because we’re not paying for sites to run our content — they choose to!

I’ve been burned by link earning partners before. How can I be sure this isn’t too good to be true?

Stacker’s roots aren’t in link building. Our company is first and foremost a high-quality newsroom and newswire, and it’s our priority to make sure we’re creating authoritative content our news partners want. When we work with brands who understand this and are ready to underwrite our content, we get to distribute more free stories to news sites across the country, and you get the awareness and authority that comes along with those stories being yours. This trust we've built with publishers allows us to confidently guarantee that every story we create and distribute for you will earn at least 50 pickups each. Yep. Fifty.

So we'll earn great links — anything else?

Absolutely. Because your brand will be cited as the source of the article, your brand name will be published on hundreds of news publications around the world, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers. You'll be greatly boosting your authority by earning media in these respected spaces. You'll have stories you can reshare on your social profiles, in your email list, and any other marketing channels to increase engagement and trust. And finally, you'll get the genuine satisfaction of knowing that you're helping empower the world's publishers. Our stories are offered for free to any and all national and local media sites, so we can help them drive traffic/engagement while they focus their resources on the stories that only their newsrooms are equipped to handle.

How are engagements structured?

We work with brands who invest in SEO and content for the long-term. Our engagements have a six-month minimum; our aim is to become a true partner to your team and to invest in your organic growth. Working with us isn't a silver bullet — it's a smart bet for your future.

How do you come up with story ideas?

We use a combination of your guidance and our newsroom’s expertise. At the beginning of our partnership, we'll ask you what high-level story themes you’re interested in. We take that information back to the writers, editors, and researchers in our newsroom, who use it as a guide to put together a content plan designed to fit both what you’re looking for and what our network will be interested in. Because we have access to our publisher network, we get extensive feedback regarding the type of content they're looking for. These crucial insights help us come up with new content ideas we're confident will perform well.

What results can I expect from this partnership, and how soon?

Immediately upon the publication of your first story, you will begin earning authority signals in the form of follow links and canonicals. Your referring domain graphs will trend up and to the right. After a few months, you’ll begin to see your site’s authority improve and your pages start to rank for more terms (and/or rank higher for those keywords). Finally, on the back of all of these improvements, your organic traffic will increase as results continue to mature over the coming months and years.

Who else works with Stacker Studio?

We work with highly respected B2B and B2C brands across countless industries. Some of our partners include ClickUp, Experian, VividSeats, ExtraSpace Storage, Ro, Roofstock, and more. We love partnering with companies that understand the power of newsworthy storytelling and want to sustainably grow their businesses.

All right, I'm on board! What's next?

Fill out our contact form, and we'll reach out to set up a call so we can better understand your growth goals. We'll walk you through every step of our process and decide which engagement length and story volume works best. Then, we'll set a start date, sign the contracts, and get started!