3 Business Benefits of a Top-of-the-Funnel Media Mention

Published by Siri Cosper on
man holding a lightbulb with text saying "top-of-the-funnel media mentions"
When people think about digital PR and earned media, they often think about press releases and other hard-earned, explicit references about a company or its product/service. There’s certainly a place for this in any strategy, especially for newer brands who want folks to know they exist an... Read More

Paid Vs. Earned Content Syndication Marketing: Which Is Best For You?

Published by Amanda Milligan on
To be competitive in an oversaturated market, every website needs engaging content.However, we all know writing and publishing great content is just the beginning — you still have to reach your audience. There are many ways to increase the visibility of what you write, and content syndicat... Read More